Daytime Shine

Happy 2016 Lovers! Another year, another 365 to accomplish my never ending to do list. I am big on putting pen to paper and making lists for myself. I lucked out this Christmas and received a wonderfully cute Kate Spade notebook so I can write down all my ideas for blog posts. The first thing on my list was to do a post featuring this backdrop. 

It was such a nice sunny day, I wanted to wear something fun. I love this skirt from Harper & Liv. It is made entirely of matte black sequins. It looks as though they made out of leather, so from far away it looks as if I am wearing a textured skirt. This skirt fits like a dream and it's a great piece that you can wear during the day and then easily add some strappy heels and wear it out for drinks. I paired the skirt with Harper & Liv's faux leather moto which I first wore in Rock & Roll. It looks somewhat different all due to the removable collar. Items that can give you a multitude of looks with just the slightest change can quadruple your wardrobe looks. The temps are starting to drop in NYC, so I went with a turtleneck sweater. Turtlenecks are a must have for me in the winter. They are the perfect layering piece under dresses or jackets. I get so many more uses from my sleeveless dresses just by adding a turtleneck underneath. Warm, but still looking good is always my goal. Since the skirt length hit perfectly above my knee, I felt a good pair of OTK boots would be perfect. These are oldies but goodies, but Lane Bryant has a similar pair available (and currently on sale). What do you think? Do you wear sequins during the day, or do you save it for the night time? Sound off in the comments!