Layer Addict

Layering will always be a part of my go to styling technique when the temps drop. Yes, I want to be cute, but there is nothing worse than wearing an outfit and you are freezing. You can climatize your looks so that you can have the best of both worlds. One of the pieces that is needed in my wardrobe to achieve my perfect weather look is a vest. Vests are the easiest way you can look layered and polished to perfection. 

Why a vest? Vests add layers without tons of bulk. When I wear a blazer and a coat, there are times when you can see how many layers I am wearing and I look bulky. When I am wearing a vest, I can have on a sweater, vest, and a coat and it doesn't look like I am wearing tons of layers. This shearling vest from Simply Be has been a go to now that weather is getting colder. I get the best of both worlds with this vest. Shearling is warm and super on trend, but with the vest, I can wear it alone like I did here, or add layers for a bundled up look (pom pom hat and cozy scarf). 

With my vest, I wore a short sleeved striped sweater and a denim pencil skirt. I have been drawn towards colorful prints, and this sweater is super cute. I will be honest, my closet is bursting at the seams with items that are very specific (like sequins, leather, and fur). I want to make sure besides having all those fun pieces I have items that can do double or triple duty. Since this sweater is lightweight, I can wear it with a blazer, or over a button up with a pair of pants, or jeans. 

Remember lovers, it is Cyber Monday, if you are loving this look head to Simply Be to save 30% off your total purchase! Happy Shopping!