It's Labor Day, which means its the unofficial end of the summer. I must admit, this summer went by fast. Between the events (BlogHer, Curvy Con, Rock The Block, Curlfest), blogging, and enjoying the hot temps, I must say I was a busy bee. With so much going on this summer, I managed to do the following:

Find the perfect white swimsuit

I have been on the hunt for the longest to find something that was supportive and sexy. My quest for the perfect suit was found and I rocked it at the Golden Confidence Pool Party. It was a major hit! 

Go away on vacation

I am the type to say I'm going to get away, but I just end up staying in NYC running errands. I made it a goal to attend BlogHer: Experts Among Us in Los Angeles. Though I was there for a short time, I still managed to visit Torrid, catch up with my friends that lived out there, and learn how to take my blog to the next level. Though I had blog work to do, I still made an effort to enjoy the beautiful weather and people. 

Enjoy what comes your way

This summer I made an effort to go out and enjoy as much as I can (without burning myself out too much). I went to so many great events this summer, but I also tried to just enjoy downtime with my friends and more importantly solo time. I must say, with all the things I accomplished, my first photo shoot, a lookbook, the events, there is still more for me to get done. Fall is coming and with it, all the new, bold trends for us to try. So stay tuned, cause even though #Summer16 is ending, there is still a lot more to share and do.