Leather Lover

Leather, fur- these are some of my favorite things. Though faux leather and fur have come a long way, when I am able to find real leather pieces in my size, I am extremely happy. One of the latest brands I have been raving about- Ellos makes plus size leather items. Cue the Snoopy Happy Dance! I love having options, and no matter what size you wear, options to wear great items should always be accessible. Fullbeauty is definitely on my list of resources when I am looking for great items. 

Currently the brand has a leather top and pants. Though the leather pants were calling my name, I decided to go with the leather top. I went with the top for several reasons. First, I have been adding more versatile tops into my wardrobe. With all of the pants and jeans I have been in love with and bought over the past several months, I needed a great top that can stand out, but play nice with others. A black leather top does that hands down. With leather items, I always suggest sizing up. I went with a size 20, so that I had enough room in the arms and across my chest. What I love about this- besides being leather, is that the length of this top is perfect. It's hits perfectly at my hip, so you can wear it like I did with a pair of jeans, or tuck it into your favorite skirt. The options are endless. Second reason to go with a leather top- warmth. It's getting cold in NYC, and items that make  you look good but can keep you warm are a must have. 

While we are on the topic of staying warm, I wanted to share this great coat. If you follow me on Snapchat (@styleoversize) I tried on this coat at the Ellos Fall Preview, and immediately fell in love. Coats in the winter time are how I make a statement. It's a great way to incorporate color, or a print. I love a good leopard print, and this coat would be a great addition to any woman's closet. If you all about a good coat, I suggest this one. If leopard is not your speed, the coat does come in black. There is also a belted version that comes in burgundy that is cute as well. There are plethora of coats out there for us. If you want color, rock color, if you want black, rock black. There are more options than ever that having you looking great without breaking the bank. Trust me there are out there, and once you find that one coat that makes you feel fancy, you will never want to take it off. 

Are you all about leather, or are you a fur lady? Perhaps sequins? Let me know in the comments. Until next time lovers! Muah!

Hello Ellos!!

Last week I had a chance to meet Ellos, the latest brand to come stateside. They are the leading Swedish plus size brand, and now they have their sights set on the US. I was invited to a lovely rooftop hotel party in downtown Manhattan with spectacular views of the city. It was there, I was able to chat with team (they are amazing by the way), look at all the drool worthy clothes being modeled, and catch up with the blogger boo's. 

If one had to describe the brand, I would say that they are an affordable contemporary line. They have great pieces ranging from $24.99- $249.99. The line features items that you can easily take from day to night, and some great casual pieces for the weekend. I love that their basics have great detailing, which ups the ante. For example, their ankle side zip pants (which I wore in my latest post) have zipper detailing in the front, and ankle notches. 

The preview had all of the current fall assortment, as well as what is coming in for Holiday. The Holiday collection as well as all of the outerwear was a hit with us all. My favorite pieces were the leopard coat (which I ended up ordering), the funnel neck coat, and the leather tee shirt. Yes ladies, Ellos offers real leather items!! 


My holiday favorites were the sparkly jumpsuit and the fur coat. Like seriously...look at this jumpsuit. Isn't she just everything??? I love pieces that make an impact without requiring planning. All you need is this jumpsuit a great shoe and some sparkle and you are ready for a night out. Hell I would wear this jumpsuit to go to the bodega...lol. For those that follow me on Snapchat (@styleoversize) you got to see me and the IG Wives try on the coats and channel our inner Cookie Lyon.

I had a blast and getting a chance to talk to the team about clothing and hearing how passionate they are about the brand is amazing. Meeting teams that really believe in the value of great looking as well as great fitting plus size clothing are always a treat. 

Ellos is now available at Fullbeauty as well their website in sizes 10-28 US. If you sign up today, your first purchase will be 20% off and there is free shipping when you spend $75!! happy shopping!