Mixing It Up

Even though I embrace and love color, as a New Yorker wearing black is a major part of my life. Great thing about fashion these days is the way you can play around with patterns to ante up your basic black items. 

Graffiti walls and bright lippies are a weakness of mine

In middle school all I wore were plaid button ups. It was the 90's and I loved the look of grunge plaid with baggy jeans. It was the start of me coming into my own with my look. Even though my clothes are more fitted (my twelve year old self would have never thought I would be in skinny jeans), I still love a good plaid shirt. I picked up this flannel shirt from Ellos on sale ($24) and its perfect for this Feb winter weather. I love feeling nice and toasty without having to wear a lot of layers. This shirt also comes in red so if you are on the lookout for a good flannel shirt, then look no further. 

Say what now?? I'm fab? YASSSS!!! lol

Ombre jeans hit the scene and I was very curious and wanted to try a pair. At first I wanted a dark blue to light blue pair, but I thought about how well can a dark wash that fades to a super light wash would look in the winter.  While online browsing (that is the way I unwind...I know #shopaholic), I stumbled upon this pair that went from black to grey. Also, they were on sale so that just made it a must have. I have raved about Melissa McCarthy jeans and these skinny jeans are another hit. The stretch of these hug the curves while still being comfy. It's cold out here in these streets, and you can be warm without having to sacrifice your style. I loved the way the jeans look with the flannel shirt. It's a fun twist on basics. 

Headwraps are a godsend. I need more!!

My oh so favorite moto is with me once again. When I say, this jacket is a major part of my wardrobe that is an understatement. Having a moto in my opinion is a MUST. It edges up any look, and its great for layering. I have at least 10 moto's in all different colors. It's crazy how 3-5 years ago finding a great staple like a moto was far and few between for plus, and color- forget about it. I am glad that we have so many brands out here that make great items that fit our bodies. Keeping the edginess going with these great leather (yes leather!!) booties. Great heel height and goes with everything in your closet. Are you loving my updated monochromatic look? Make sure you comment below! Later lovers!!

Check Me Out

When I was younger, I always loved houndstooth. My mom had this cool houndstooth coat that she would wear to work. My mom was always the epitome of work chic. 20 years later, and houndstooth is still a go to print. Houndstooth for me was synonymous with workwear, but in actuality this print can be edgy and fun. 

Is it me, or when you stare at my dress it looks like the classic arcade game Space Invaders?

This houndstooth dress from Ellos is a great addition to your wardrobe. This dress is definitely classic. A sheath dress in houndstooth is something that you can dress up or down. I wanted to keep it classic but add a slight twist. A little classic, some edge, and just all around fun. I love wearing dresses in the fall. The cooler temps call for some great booties, and jacket. I was in need of new pair of Chelsea boots, and when I saw these on the site they were added to my cart immediately. Finding a good pair of booties is vital for me in NYC. I need a pair that are not only comfortable, but can handle walking around in these streets. These are 100% leather, and I love them. 

With such a classic dress, I decided to keep it going with the classics, and pair it with a moto jacket. This is my oldie but goodie from the Who What Wear Collection. For $40 this jacket has been a great addition to my closet. I wear it all the time, and with it being cropped it works with everything. My Rebecca Minkoff Quilted Affair came along for the ride and completed my look. All that was left was a high pony and a purplish black lippie. I love mixing things up and it's easy to do so when you have versatile pieces that can be dressed up or down. How do you switch up your classic pieces?

Hello Ellos!!

Last week I had a chance to meet Ellos, the latest brand to come stateside. They are the leading Swedish plus size brand, and now they have their sights set on the US. I was invited to a lovely rooftop hotel party in downtown Manhattan with spectacular views of the city. It was there, I was able to chat with team (they are amazing by the way), look at all the drool worthy clothes being modeled, and catch up with the blogger boo's. 

If one had to describe the brand, I would say that they are an affordable contemporary line. They have great pieces ranging from $24.99- $249.99. The line features items that you can easily take from day to night, and some great casual pieces for the weekend. I love that their basics have great detailing, which ups the ante. For example, their ankle side zip pants (which I wore in my latest post) have zipper detailing in the front, and ankle notches. 

The preview had all of the current fall assortment, as well as what is coming in for Holiday. The Holiday collection as well as all of the outerwear was a hit with us all. My favorite pieces were the leopard coat (which I ended up ordering), the funnel neck coat, and the leather tee shirt. Yes ladies, Ellos offers real leather items!! 


My holiday favorites were the sparkly jumpsuit and the fur coat. Like seriously...look at this jumpsuit. Isn't she just everything??? I love pieces that make an impact without requiring planning. All you need is this jumpsuit a great shoe and some sparkle and you are ready for a night out. Hell I would wear this jumpsuit to go to the bodega...lol. For those that follow me on Snapchat (@styleoversize) you got to see me and the IG Wives try on the coats and channel our inner Cookie Lyon.

I had a blast and getting a chance to talk to the team about clothing and hearing how passionate they are about the brand is amazing. Meeting teams that really believe in the value of great looking as well as great fitting plus size clothing are always a treat. 

Ellos is now available at Fullbeauty as well their website in sizes 10-28 US. If you sign up today, your first purchase will be 20% off and there is free shipping when you spend $75!! happy shopping!