Mod About You

When I was younger, I enjoyed watching movies from the 50's and 60's. The actresses would wear mini's with boots, and they would just strut taking the world by storm. Here it is 2016 and it's like Mod never really left. It was just chilling in the cut, and now its back. My favorite combo was the short jumper with cute boots. It magically makes your legs look longer without hardly any effort. Trust me, anything that makes me appear taller, is a keeper.

Simply Be has been cranking out some hits this Fall, and when I saw this jumper, it was like my mod dreams came true. The Jacquard Tunic is knitted like your favorite sweater, but it is in no way heavy. Lately I have been buying a lot of black based items (The New Yorker in me), so I love that this has red to brighten things up. With the weather being quite variable, I like to throw on a turtleneck. When I leave in the morning, there is a definite chill in the air, not to mention the trains are still blasting the why??? So a turtleneck is a great layering piece for me. I don't need to bring a scarf, and this one (which is a part of two pack) is a good weight. 

As long as the temperature is above 50 degree's there will be no tights on these legs. I just love going bare legged as long as its feasible. Bare legs and booties are a win win combo for fall, and I love these glitter booties. Block heels are HUGE this season, but despite their cuteness, let's talk about how comfortable they are. These are wide width, (I am wearing a size 8W, most of my shoes are 8.5), and they are cushioned. I wore these an entire day, and I was not wanting to chop off my feet. There was a time when I was all about 4-4.5 inch heels, 5 with a platform, but now I am fine with 3.5 or lower. Your feet have to support your whole body, so standing and walking in a block heel is way more manageable and they are glitter...that alone should make you check them out. I rounded out the look with a vampy lip and red crossbody, and enjoyed the rest of the beautiful fall day. Muah lovers!!!