Werk Appropriate Neon

I’ve always loved neon, from my highlighters all the way to my Air Max 95’s. Neon is bold and fun, but how can you incorporate in your work attire and not look like you just came from the club? I suggest showing your love of neon with your accessories. With just some accents of neon with your accessories and clothes you can rock the hues you love while still looking cool in the office.

Wild Fable Plus Size Skirt

When I am dressing for work, my go to is either a one and done situation like a jumpsuit/dress, or a tee and skirt combo. Throw on a blazer (for those offices that are constantly chilly) and you have a cool & comfy outfit. I paired my tank with this amazing skirt from the Wild Fable line from Target. You can’t go wrong with a leopard skirt, but I love the neon green drawstring. Adds a little bit of interest . This skirt is sold out but I linked other great options all from Target that are less than $40.

Fly Nerd Tank

Since this look is neutral adding neon doesn’t distract. Now lately I have not been wearing much heels (thank you Nike, Adidas & Puma), but when I saw these pumps from Schutz, I had to have them. I love that the shoe comes in three heights- kitten, mid (which I am wearing), and high. I went with the neon yellow, but since these cuties are on sale, I may go ahead and get the pink ones as well.

Another way you can incorporate neon is through some cool accessories. I have been all about the statement earring, and these were a great find on Torrid’s site. They are a great way to have fun with color without breaking the bank or looking too bright. Though large, they are comfortable to wear throughout the day.

A look like this is great cause you can easily wear this to work, but also make it super casual for an afternoon out. All I did was take off the blazer and swap my pumps for sneakers, and you are ready for a nice stroll around the city.

IMG_5556 Copy.jpg

Have you embraced the neon trend? Are you sticking more to a neutral color scheme, or just going all out? Let me know in the comments! Muah!

The Shoe That Has Changed My Life

For as long as I can remember, I have been a shoe addict. I think I inherited my addiction from my mom. Growing up, she had an amazing shoe collection. No matter the occasion, my mother had the perfect shoe for it. Following in her footsteps (pun intended), I have been working on my shoe collection, but when you have wide feet, finding the perfect shoe requires a lot more work and a lot of patience. 

Jumpin jumpin- this navy jumpsuit is super cute and hella comfy

My mother describes my feet as Barney Rubble feet (I am dating myself, but hey oh well...lol). They are short and wide, but here is the kicker, I have a narrow heel. So when I go shoe shopping, I would have to be mindful if I size up to accommodate the width of my foot, and that my heel does not come out of the shoe. Epic struggle. There has been so many shoes that I have passed on because the fit was just not right. Now here comes Shoes of Prey to change everything. I don't have to forgo wearing certain styles just because they don't fit. I can make my own shoes that work for my needs. 

The best pics are those when I am laughing at randomness

Shoes of Prey is a one stop shop for shoes. As soon as you go on to the site, they ask for your size, their shoes start at a size 2 and go up to a 15. Just the fact that their size range is that vast is impressive, but then you add the option of narrow, wide, and extra wide?!?!? I was extremely giddy. So when the brand reached out, asking me if I want to customized a pair of shoes for myself, I said absolutely. 

Would you wait up to two weeks for the shoe of your dreams? I did!!! Soo worth it. 

So then what oh what should I get....there are so many on their site that you can search for hours. To aid in my search I looked for those shoes that came in wide width. I was looking at all the great choices like the Bay (flat), the Austin (ankle strap pump), and the Ludlow (sneaker). I went with the Jasmin which is a heeled mule. I've been obsessed with heels and slides, so getting Jasmin was a no brainer. 

Now for the fun part. Picking out all the components of the shoe. Since I have been on a major color kick, I wanted a bright bold color so I went with red suede with a rose gold trim. I wanted a heel that I can walk in, so I went with the 2.8 inch block heel. The best part is that I got a chance to inscribe my name in the shoe! Normally I wear a 8.5/9 in medium width shoes. Since this shoe is wide, I went with a 8.5, and 

I wanted to battle test these and see how comfortable they were. When I buy new shoes, I first give a try at home just to see how well it fits. If that goes well, I do a short term test, and wear these while I doing something low key for a couple of hours. I was wearing these for a while and I did not want to take them off. No matter how low or high a shoe is, after standing around for a while, my feet start to ache. Not in these shoes. Great cushioning, and the fit was perfect. Now I know there is a perfect shoe out there that is stylish and comfortable. I love my mules so much, that I am already looking into customizing another pair of shoes. Definitely check out Shoes of Prey, there is something for everyone. Added bonus if you use my code STYLEOVERSIZE, you can get a free inscription!!!

 Back in my day it was called a fanny pack...lol

My shoes look amazing, fit great, and I can easily dress them up or down. Since it was casual day out, I wore this super comfy jumpsuit and was able to keep my hands free with my cool quilted fanny pack. I topped out my look with my favorite rose gold accessories. If you had a chance to customize your own shoe, what would you choose? Heels or flats? Prints or Solid Colors? Sound off in the comments!!!

Radiant Orchid

Purple has been definitely reflective in a lot of the Spring looks this season all due to the color of the year being Ultraviolet. When it comes to the purple family, I tend to stay away from the classic shade, but I am loving lavender, lilac, and my new favorite radiant orchid. 

The pink and fuchsia undertones makes this a shade that flatters all skin tones. It's definitely a color that can be paired with tons of other colors and will look amazing. Also, orchid colored makeup looks great against my skintone. I am wearing Yoshi from Colourpop and for $7 its a great liquid lipstick. 

To pay homage to this cool shade, I went with this great dress courtesy of Lane Bryant. This dress was from one of their Lane Style collections which is a curated group of on trend items. The Off the Shoulder dress was from one of their earlier collections dedicated to dresses, but with the weather in NYC not being the warmest, I waited until now to wear the dress. The material is made of a stretch cotton. Its great for warm days since its lightweight. I am wearing a size 18, and it has a stretchy waist which helps cinch you in. 

When Target announced that they were adding new brands to their assortment, I was curious, but not expecting much. Boy did they prove me wrong. Not only are the clothes amazing, but the shoe selection has stepped up as well. I have wide feet, so the options for cute and affordable wide shoes can be hard. I was already loving the A New Day collection from Target, but then they added wide width shoes, and now I am hooked. I am still rocking my block heels, and these orchid wide width pair called the Michaela from Target are a must have. First you can't go wrong with the price- they are $25, and they carry whole & half sizes in medium and wide widths, and with the heel being only 2.5 inches, I can wear these all day with ease. 

With all the monochromatic goodness going on, I wanted to add another pop of color by wearing my neon pineapple belt. This is a goodie from Eloquii last year. I soo wished they brought it back this season with different fruits because it was such a fun belt. For my accessories, I went with my tassel earrings from Sugarfix by Baublebar. 

Are you rocking more purple? Loving it, or still feel like it's not for you? Share below!