The Shoe That Has Changed My Life

For as long as I can remember, I have been a shoe addict. I think I inherited my addiction from my mom. Growing up, she had an amazing shoe collection. No matter the occasion, my mother had the perfect shoe for it. Following in her footsteps (pun intended), I have been working on my shoe collection, but when you have wide feet, finding the perfect shoe requires a lot more work and a lot of patience. 

Jumpin jumpin- this navy jumpsuit is super cute and hella comfy

My mother describes my feet as Barney Rubble feet (I am dating myself, but hey oh They are short and wide, but here is the kicker, I have a narrow heel. So when I go shoe shopping, I would have to be mindful if I size up to accommodate the width of my foot, and that my heel does not come out of the shoe. Epic struggle. There has been so many shoes that I have passed on because the fit was just not right. Now here comes Shoes of Prey to change everything. I don't have to forgo wearing certain styles just because they don't fit. I can make my own shoes that work for my needs. 

The best pics are those when I am laughing at randomness

Shoes of Prey is a one stop shop for shoes. As soon as you go on to the site, they ask for your size, their shoes start at a size 2 and go up to a 15. Just the fact that their size range is that vast is impressive, but then you add the option of narrow, wide, and extra wide?!?!? I was extremely giddy. So when the brand reached out, asking me if I want to customized a pair of shoes for myself, I said absolutely. 

Would you wait up to two weeks for the shoe of your dreams? I did!!! Soo worth it. 

So then what oh what should I get....there are so many on their site that you can search for hours. To aid in my search I looked for those shoes that came in wide width. I was looking at all the great choices like the Bay (flat), the Austin (ankle strap pump), and the Ludlow (sneaker). I went with the Jasmin which is a heeled mule. I've been obsessed with heels and slides, so getting Jasmin was a no brainer. 

Now for the fun part. Picking out all the components of the shoe. Since I have been on a major color kick, I wanted a bright bold color so I went with red suede with a rose gold trim. I wanted a heel that I can walk in, so I went with the 2.8 inch block heel. The best part is that I got a chance to inscribe my name in the shoe! Normally I wear a 8.5/9 in medium width shoes. Since this shoe is wide, I went with a 8.5, and 

I wanted to battle test these and see how comfortable they were. When I buy new shoes, I first give a try at home just to see how well it fits. If that goes well, I do a short term test, and wear these while I doing something low key for a couple of hours. I was wearing these for a while and I did not want to take them off. No matter how low or high a shoe is, after standing around for a while, my feet start to ache. Not in these shoes. Great cushioning, and the fit was perfect. Now I know there is a perfect shoe out there that is stylish and comfortable. I love my mules so much, that I am already looking into customizing another pair of shoes. Definitely check out Shoes of Prey, there is something for everyone. Added bonus if you use my code STYLEOVERSIZE, you can get a free inscription!!!

 Back in my day it was called a fanny

My shoes look amazing, fit great, and I can easily dress them up or down. Since it was casual day out, I wore this super comfy jumpsuit and was able to keep my hands free with my cool quilted fanny pack. I topped out my look with my favorite rose gold accessories. If you had a chance to customize your own shoe, what would you choose? Heels or flats? Prints or Solid Colors? Sound off in the comments!!!


You can never go wrong with a great dress for Easter. I can give you several reasons for such. First, the ease. Dresses are an instant outfit maker, and when you are trying to get dressed quickly so that you can beat the church rush for your favorite seat, a good dress has your back. Another reason why dresses are great, there is a type for everyone. Depending on what you want to highlight or conceal- there is a dress out there. My all time favorite dress types is the fit & flare followed by bodycon. I know two ends on the spectrum, but I will explain why. The fit & flare is what I call my ladylike dress. It can cinch your waist to create a hourglass (regardless if you are or not), and you don’t feel constricted on your lower half (esp for those that have wide hips or a bit of a tummy). On the other end a good bodycon brings the sexy. It hugs in all places and believe it or not this can be slimming. 

When it comes to my fit & flares I look for materials that are no fuss. Now I don’t have an issue with ironing, but if I can throw on an outfit and walk out the door I’m happy. Fabrics such as ponte and scuba are great because they barely wrinkle. Everyone wants to look bomb in their Easter’s finest and wrinkles just take away from the whole look.  

I received this cutie from my latest Dia & Co box. It’s the quintessential Easter dress. It’s colorful, has florals and the best feature of all - pockets. Dresses loose cool points with me if they don’t have pockets. The love of pockets is real in these streets. To play with some print mixing, I added a striped belt. Also I wanted to snatch my waist a bit, and adding a belt is the easiest way to create a smaller waist. Dia & Co is a great resource when you are looking for something new to add to your wardrobe. These days sometime you are either too busy to shop, or just overwhelmed with what is on sites. Having a Dia stylist curate items based on your style/call outs really makes shopping a breeze. It comes to your doorstep, try it on, and keep what you like, return the rest. Quick & painless. 

When I am wearing cutesy dresses, I always like to toughen up the look with a moto. My collection of moto’s continues to grow and this metallic one from Who What Wear has been in heavy rotation. I believe everyone should have at least 2 moto’s in their collection. The classic black and a fun color. I have motos in all colors of the rainbow, but jackets are my thing so I will always check out what is out there. hat can I say, I just want to live my life in technicolor. This metallic version is sold out in plus, but there is a pink version available as well as a floral one. Target has been cranking out some hits, and with their wallet friendly prices it’s more than enough reason to add everything to your cart.




At first I was going to wear a necklace with this look, but changed my mind when I decided to add a belt. Since the belt was sitting up higher than my natural waist, I felt adding a necklace would make me look shorter than what I already am. My go to accessory for the last several months has been a fun colorful earring. I found these online at Baublebar during the holiday season for less than $15. These are sold out but I found two other similar styles - the Coretta and the Canary. Both come in this bold pink hue and they are on sale.






If you are loving this dress make sure to ask your Dia stylist for it. Not signed up for Dia, then you are in luck cause you can sign up by clicking the link below!

Do you have your Easter outfit ready? Let me know what you are wearing in the comments below!!