Cozy Time

Once the temps start to drop, I go on the hunt for the perfect sweaters to wear. From embellished, to unexpected twists, when it comes to my sweater collection, it is curated to not only fits into my style, but above all else keep me warm. There is nothing worse than having the thinest of sweaters on a cold NYC day.

Jibri Skirt

I have been gravitating towards prints, and super chunky knits this season, but there was something about this sweater that had me wanting it immediately. It’s definitely your classic black knit sweater, but what drew me to it was that it was slightly oversized and cropped. It totally gives me 90’s vibes. Its not a super chunky knit but trust that it does the job on the warm front. I am wearing a 18/20, but I could have sized down to a 14/16.

Eloquii Cropped Sweater

The combo of the season that everyone can pull off is the sweater-skirt combo. It’s a great look that can be easily dressed up or down just by switching up your accessories. When I saw this skirt from Jibri, I instantly fell in love. What solidified the deal for me was when Jibri was in NYC for Curvy Con, and I got a chance to see it in person. I love me some animal print, and add in my favorite color grey, she had to come home with me.

Skirt & Sweater Combo

I’m a firm believer that when you have great pieces in your closet that are effortless that when you have to get dressed, it’s easy and you look put together. Animal print has been all over the runways, but it still is a great neutral that pairs well with other neutrals or color. All I had to do to end out my look was to add some glitter booties (these are oldies but goodies, but I linked something similar here), and my trusty handbag, and I am out the door.

IMG_1274 Copy.jpg

When it comes to the holiday’s you can always go all out festive with sequins, or brocade, but if that is not your thing, go with an animal print. Holiday dressing is what you make of it, and as long as you look and feel your best that will shine through. Merry Merry Lovers!!!!

Thanksgiving Ready Y'all

Usually for Thanksgiving I’m home lounging watching the parade followed by the dog show. Yeah the dog show. My niece and I started watching it some years back and its become somewhat of a tradition for us. We pick our favorites and guess who is going to win while in our pj’s. Going out is not on the menu, but this year I was invited to Kay Jay’s for the festivities and then I have Friendsgiving that Friday with my bestie. So what to wear? 

Now since this holiday is all about enjoying time with loved ones and chowing down, I need an outfit that is comfortable yet put together. I want to make a good first impression, but in no way do I want to look like I’m trying too hard (so no sequins- for now. Lol) so I figured why not wear my pieces from Draper James!! 

Draper James and Eloquii dropped a fall collection earlier on and these pieces are great to wear for all your Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving activities. I paired the polka dot top with denim. Polka dots are always a good idea and you can mix and match them with another print, or just wear it solo. I like mixing mines with a stripe, but today, I mixed it with a buffalo plaid in the same color scheme, and I loved how it turned out. I’m wearing a 18/20 in the top. I can wear denim anytime of the year and I’m always comfortable. The Peach Lift Jean holds it shape without stretching out and in no way does the waistband have me feeling like I’m in a vice grip. In denim, I am wearing a 16.

Now I love a good boot for the fall, so I thought to jazz up the whole look, I will wear my slouchy cone heel boots. They are a great height for walking and the width of these are perfect. I have 17.5 inch calves and I can wear this with or without pants and they fit great. I did size up to a 9 since there are no half sizes so I can have room for super thick socks. If you are looking for a cute boot, definitely check out Kass (also it comes in white).

Now the piece that I feel is the showstopper is this buffalo plaid cape. I love a cape, and this one is perfect for this time of the year. I can layer to my hearts content with a super chunky knit and not have to worry about feeling cold. I’m wearing a 18/20 and this has enough room that I can wear a chunky knit sweater when the temps drop. I love capes cause they give me more room to move around and I just feel so sophisticated in them. If you are looking for “Southern Lady Who Lunches” vibe, then don’t look any further- Draper James x Eloquii have you covered. Check out some more of my favorites below and Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Set Me Up

Temperature's rising, and with that I go for easy pieces that can take me from day to night. When it's 80+ degrees in NYC and the humidity is high, being cool is necessity. I have really been looking for pieces that look good and keep me cool, because what's the point of wearing a great outfit that makes you miserable because you are hot. 

I have been gravitating towards a lot of matching sets- whether its suits, matching tops & skirt, or like in this case, a kimono-short set. Now I have been waiting for the perfect time to wear this set from Eloquii. Ok, full disclosure I have been waiting for the weather to cooperate so I can wear this set. The past month has been nothing but rain or chilly days which called for a hoodie. 

Eloquii Kimono

For the kimono style robe, I went with my normal size of a 18/20. I wasn't worried about the arms being too tight since kimono's usually have a little more room in the sleeves. Since it was hot, I decided not to wear a top underneath and just rocked a cute bra. The kimono provides enough coverage so you don't feel exposed. The shorts, I decided to go with a 18. Even though I wear a 16 in bottoms, I tend to size up in shorts because I don't want them too tight, especially when no stretch is involved. These are the perfect length if you are average height. For my tall gals these will definitely show off more thigh (cause the more the merrier). 

My shoes, yes, let's get into the shoes, cause these are some bangers. I was on the hunt for a cute pink shoe, and these Steve Madden's popped up in my search. Clear details are back again, but what I love is that this heel is a lucite pink. I know at times with lucite people automatically think stripper shoes, but with it being pink it completely takes it from naughty to nice. Now this shoe is on sale, so hurry up and get it before it's gone. 

For those that know me, they know I carry my whole entire life in a tote bag. These days, I am trying to streamline, and just carry what I need. That's when you need a great shoulder bag. I have been eyeing this Fossil bag for a while now, so when I finally saw it for a good price, I hurried up and purchased it. It's a great shoulder bag with tons of room for all my stuff. If you are not a fan of pink it does come in black and brown. 

I have been loving me some statement earrings, so when my booski SkaKera saw these at Charming Charlie she got me a pair. Unfortunately the Charming Charlie store in NYC closed and their website is under construction, so getting your hands on a pair is quite tough these days. Definitely head to their website to see which stores are in your area, because these were only $8 and its a great earring to have in your collection. 

Who else is loving sets this season? Please share your favorites by using the hashtag #styleoversize on Instagram and Facebook, in the comments, or you can always email me! Muah lovers!!


Before blogging, I always had a passion for photography. It all started in high school when my mom sent me to Harlem School of the Arts. I was being the typical teenager, not really doing anything productive with myself outside of hanging with my friends and boyfriend at the time, so she sent me there to do something constructive. I had a chance to try different things like chorus, sculpture, and painting, but I really loved video production and photography. From those intro classes on the weekends, I began taking classes after school. I loved taking pictures of people- never really wanted to be the focus of the art. I found peace in the darkroom when my boyfriend stressed me out and I really came into my own. I had a passion, and that changes you. 

Style should always reflect things about yourself, and this Conversational Print from Eloquii in Drop Shot definitely captures my love of photography. I have this top in several prints because I love the tie neck and a kitschy print is always a great way to stand out. I am wearing a size 18, and it does not stretch so always be mindful of such- especially if you have big arms and busty like myself. 

I have been dabbling with print mixing here and there, but I always stayed on the safe side and worked with a neutral palette. When I go the skirt and shirt I was looking at them and they actually looked good together. I'm big on mixing stripes and florals, but wearing this pleated skirt with the blouse was out of the norm and I loved it. The skirt is a 16, and it's on the shorter side so be careful on windy days. I rounded out the look with my favorite striped belt (it's coming back so don't worry), and some blue strappy heels. 

I loved my black and white film camera- I still have it actually. If darkrooms weren't so hard to come by, I would go back and spend a couple of hours developing film. Though technology has definitely taken away the need for film, I do miss the simpler days. It reminds me of how I found this passion and years later even though the subject of my photos majority of the time are of myself, I have a creative outlet. Another great thing especially now that I blog, is that from time to time I get take pictures for my boo's. For that I will always be grateful. So the question of the day lovers is - What's your passion?


Nothing ever really goes out of style. There is a season for any and everything. I learned this a long time ago when I was told wearing sneakers with dresses was not something one should do. I guess you can call me a rebel in the 90's because now in 2017, wearing dresses and sneakers are just the cool thing to do. 

Now 90's me would have never thought that in 2017, I would not only be in gingham, but ruffles too. I was all about jerseys and baggy jeans (well as baggy as I could wear them cause my mom was not letting me buy pants 3 sizes too big). My daily uniform consisted of 1. Plaid Shirt 2. Jeans 3. Nikes, now don't get me wrong, all three are still in my closet, but my style has crossed over the girly dark side.  

This season, all the trends of yesteryear have come back, but in a whole new twist that is fun and makes you want to be a bit more adventurous. Take for example, the gingham top. Once an adornment for tables, this staple is all over this season in unexpected silhouettes. For example, how about an off the shoulder top with bell sleeves. Yeah- this once tomboy is wearing an off the shoulder top with bell sleeves and I love it. 


This top is one of the latest from Target and their collaboration with Who What Wear. I love how it's roomy and slightly cropped. Best thing about this Gingham Off the Shoulder top is that it actually stays off my shoulder. I have many that just would creep back up on my shoulder any time I moved, but this one it stayed true. It's super lightweight and breathable so I will be getting some serious wear out of this top. I am wearing a 2x, since I have big arms, wanted to make sure I had room to move about. 

I figured if I am going to wear a fun top, why not push myself and wear some cropped ruffle pants. I have had these pants in my closet for over a month, but I just did not know what to wear it with. Anything I was pairing it with was just not giving me the effect I wanted. That all changed when I put on the gingham shirt. The Jaye Ruffle Pant (this may or may not be named after is definitely one of those items that you love it, don't think you can wear it, put it on and you are like you know what, I can. When I first saw ruffle hemmed pants, I thought on my 5'5" frame they could just look all types of wrong. Actually, Eloquii proved me wrong, because they hit me right at my sweet spot. These pants come up high on my waist and the size 16 fit perfectly.  These pants come in petites as well, so everybody can enjoy these amazing pants. 

I wanted to add a pop of color, so I went with my ankle strap sandals from Nine West. These are great for walking around since the heel is only an inch. Grab you a great pair of sunnies and a bold lippie and you are ready to go!