Nothing ever really goes out of style. There is a season for any and everything. I learned this a long time ago when I was told wearing sneakers with dresses was not something one should do. I guess you can call me a rebel in the 90's because now in 2017, wearing dresses and sneakers are just the cool thing to do. 

Now 90's me would have never thought that in 2017, I would not only be in gingham, but ruffles too. I was all about jerseys and baggy jeans (well as baggy as I could wear them cause my mom was not letting me buy pants 3 sizes too big). My daily uniform consisted of 1. Plaid Shirt 2. Jeans 3. Nikes, now don't get me wrong, all three are still in my closet, but my style has crossed over the girly dark side.  

This season, all the trends of yesteryear have come back, but in a whole new twist that is fun and makes you want to be a bit more adventurous. Take for example, the gingham top. Once an adornment for tables, this staple is all over this season in unexpected silhouettes. For example, how about an off the shoulder top with bell sleeves. Yeah- this once tomboy is wearing an off the shoulder top with bell sleeves and I love it. 


This top is one of the latest from Target and their collaboration with Who What Wear. I love how it's roomy and slightly cropped. Best thing about this Gingham Off the Shoulder top is that it actually stays off my shoulder. I have many that just would creep back up on my shoulder any time I moved, but this one it stayed true. It's super lightweight and breathable so I will be getting some serious wear out of this top. I am wearing a 2x, since I have big arms, wanted to make sure I had room to move about. 

I figured if I am going to wear a fun top, why not push myself and wear some cropped ruffle pants. I have had these pants in my closet for over a month, but I just did not know what to wear it with. Anything I was pairing it with was just not giving me the effect I wanted. That all changed when I put on the gingham shirt. The Jaye Ruffle Pant (this may or may not be named after is definitely one of those items that you love it, don't think you can wear it, put it on and you are like you know what, I can. When I first saw ruffle hemmed pants, I thought on my 5'5" frame they could just look all types of wrong. Actually, Eloquii proved me wrong, because they hit me right at my sweet spot. These pants come up high on my waist and the size 16 fit perfectly.  These pants come in petites as well, so everybody can enjoy these amazing pants. 

I wanted to add a pop of color, so I went with my ankle strap sandals from Nine West. These are great for walking around since the heel is only an inch. Grab you a great pair of sunnies and a bold lippie and you are ready to go!

Meet Jaye

A couple of week's ago I was geeked out about the fact that Eloquii named their new wide leg crop pant after me. To be such a big supporter of a brand and for them to name a pant after me is such an honor. 

The Jaye wide leg crop was modeled after their Kady pant (which is one of my favorite pants of all time). Cropped pants are big this season, and with these you can wear them well into Spring. Wide leg pants were always hard for me to wear because if the length was too long I would just be dragging fabric along (not a good look). Cropped wide legs, on the other hand work a lot better for my 5'5" frame. These hit me right at me sweet spot so visually I'm not making myself look shorter than what I am. The fit is exactly the same as the Kady which is great because there is no guesswork in figuring out your size. 

I have been trying out new silhouette's, and next up on my list was a boxy top. I have been looking for a new denim shirt, so when I spotted this on Eloquii's site, I definitely wanted to give it a try. A big concern with chambray is that if it does not stretch depending on the fit of the shirt, it may be too snug. This top has ample stretch and the wider sleeves gives you extra room in the arms; a major concern for me wearing tops is the arm width- I have some big guns, so I need tops that can handle them :).  

Besides the pants, another exciting addition to the website is their new lineup of shoes. As a serious shopaholic, shoes will always be an achilles heel for me (pun intended). I can't pass up a good shoe, and the Zuri is a definite must have. I love the color blocking and the ankle tie. These come in two other colors and I am telling you if you want them you better act fast, because the new releases are going quick. My statement necklace is called the Courtney. It is one of my favorites. I love jewelry that adds a bit of interest to my outfits without being over the top. I topped off the outfit with my new cropped moto from the Who What Wear line. I bought the 2X and it has a good amount of room in the arms. If you are a size 18-20, the 2X will definitely work. Now that you have have met Jaye, I think she would love to spend some time in your closet. Later lovers!!