Before blogging, I always had a passion for photography. It all started in high school when my mom sent me to Harlem School of the Arts. I was being the typical teenager, not really doing anything productive with myself outside of hanging with my friends and boyfriend at the time, so she sent me there to do something constructive. I had a chance to try different things like chorus, sculpture, and painting, but I really loved video production and photography. From those intro classes on the weekends, I began taking classes after school. I loved taking pictures of people- never really wanted to be the focus of the art. I found peace in the darkroom when my boyfriend stressed me out and I really came into my own. I had a passion, and that changes you. 

Style should always reflect things about yourself, and this Conversational Print from Eloquii in Drop Shot definitely captures my love of photography. I have this top in several prints because I love the tie neck and a kitschy print is always a great way to stand out. I am wearing a size 18, and it does not stretch so always be mindful of such- especially if you have big arms and busty like myself. 

I have been dabbling with print mixing here and there, but I always stayed on the safe side and worked with a neutral palette. When I go the skirt and shirt I was looking at them and they actually looked good together. I'm big on mixing stripes and florals, but wearing this pleated skirt with the blouse was out of the norm and I loved it. The skirt is a 16, and it's on the shorter side so be careful on windy days. I rounded out the look with my favorite striped belt (it's coming back so don't worry), and some blue strappy heels. 

I loved my black and white film camera- I still have it actually. If darkrooms weren't so hard to come by, I would go back and spend a couple of hours developing film. Though technology has definitely taken away the need for film, I do miss the simpler days. It reminds me of how I found this passion and years later even though the subject of my photos majority of the time are of myself, I have a creative outlet. Another great thing especially now that I blog, is that from time to time I get take pictures for my boo's. For that I will always be grateful. So the question of the day lovers is - What's your passion?