With all the new fits, washes, trends, finding a pair of flares has been hard. Either the rise of the jean did not work, or the thighs was too tight causing me to size up, but then the waist was too loose. I was just about to give up, but Simply Be came through with some hopefuls.

I just had to shoot against this wall. It went with my outfit- but that was soo not planned...lol

I never tried Simply Be denim before. I am type when I find a pair I like, I just buy multiple washes and keep it moving. In the spirit of trying new things, I said let's go for it. I went to their site and searched for all things flare. Two types caught my eye- the Phoebe Kick Flare, and the Shape & Sculpt Bootcut. Since I have always been wary of flare jeans, I went with the bootcut just in case. I ordered both in a 16 and hoped for the best. 

80's baby having a 70's moment. Phoebe jeans 

I just had to share the Phoebe first. Ever try on something that you figured wouldn't fit or look good, and when you see they are going up your thighs with no problem you make the "OK" face? That's what happened to me. These have ample stretch, and feel good against my skin. After accepting and winning at the thigh challenge, next up was the waist gap. Due to my lovely big booty, jeans will go up and zip, but when I check the back, the pant has all of my undies out for display. The great thing about these is that they are high waisted so I didn't have to worry about flashing anyone. Since this has a 31 inch inseam, made sure to break out my platforms when I wore these out. 

If you are looking for a new pair of flares, definitely buy these!! The fit is great, they come in 4 colors, and they are only $43!!! That's right, affordable, well made denim for us. Thank you Simply Be. I'm going to give more of your denim a test drive in the future. Another item off my fashion bucket list. Woohoo!!!