Score of the Week

Good Morning Lovers! The Score of the Week comes from Calvin Klein! I have been always a fan of Calvin Klein because their clothes are clean, but still can make an outfit pop. Earlier this week, I was in Macy's attending the Emme Spring Trends Fashion Show on 34th Street (there is a post on its way). After the show I was walking around the plus size floor, and I came across this top. Isn't she cute?!? First, its scuba. Second, its a snakeskin print (which is big this year), and third it's on sale! Original price $79.50,  on sale for $47.70, savings of 40%, but then I was able to get this top cheaper because I had a Macy's coupon. When you are ready to check out, ask the cashier if there are any coupons that can be used. I was able to get this top for $37.70, which is total savings of 50%! Sound off in the comments.